Strolling Pouch
Strolling Pouch
Strolling Pouch
Strolling Pouch
DeSantis Leather

Strolling Pouch

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Made from only the highest quality materials, this pouch is made to stay on your waist and withstand lots of use. 

If you are tired of weighing down your pockets with props and card then this strolling pouch may be what you need. 

It is small enough to be worn under a suit jacket yet large enough to hold multiple items and props. 

It has 4 pockets total and 2 half dollar sized slots inside the large pocket. 

It has two zippered pockets and two slot pockets for quick access. 


Total exterior dimensions: 

6" Wide 

5.5" Tall


If you have any questions please reach out by phone or email. 

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