Desanis Leather

Hey Everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

We are a small business located in Sacramento, California that is focused on making high quality and affordable leather goods. We sell directly to customers via Etsy, Amazon and this website so there is always a direct line of communication between us. If you've ever ordered from us before you know that we actually value customer service and are very accommodating to your individual needs. If you ever have an issue with your order we will do whatever we can to fix or replace your products.

Our product categories are focused around a few specific customers. Magic performers / Magicians, people who wear eyepatches for medical and cosmetic reasons and those who value high quality leather bands for smart watches.

We also have a popular line of pocket watch cases that we developed with the help of our customers.

We are always to working on new projects so if you see something on here that you want customized or if you want us to try and make something completely new then please feel free to contact me.

My phone number and email is below.


Desantis Leather Goods


3013 El Camino Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95865

Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm
Saturday, 10am - 6pm
Sunday, 10am - 5pm